With the season in the rear view the format of the blog will obviously change.  Rather than a series of posts throughout the week, I will have a weekly post covering various College Football topics.  Each week I will also include some type of top 5 list, and a couple of thoughts from the rest of the sports world.  If you disagree, please let your opinion be heard. 

* If you stick your finger in the air, you will feel the hot air coming from Indianapolis.  The NCAA’s convention was billed as transformative, implying there would be real change coming from it.  Well that is all garbage, total garbage.  The NCAA wants to make it seem like they are interested in restructuring their system.  They don’t.  Its a system that benefits them, why would they want to change it?  They put together this convention of some 800 Athletic Directors and Administrators to make it appear that they are working to rectify some of the problems that face their organization.  Its an absolute dog and pony show.  The result is nothing more than a whole lot of hot air coming from Indy.

*Vanderbilt hired Stanford Defensive Coordinator Derek Mason to take over their head post.  I like this choice, his resume is impressive.  More impressive is the type of defenses he had at Stanford.  Those were solid, suffocating units.  Equally important is that Mason comes from a prestigious academic school.  There won’t be a case of culture shock for Mason at Vandy.  Still, replacing James Franklin is going to be a tall order.  It seemed that Franklin was a perfect fit there.  Mason may be a good coach, but there will certainly be growing pains.  If Vandy fans think they are going to keep rolling off 9 win seasons, they had better think back to life before Franklin.

*It appears Charlie Strong is already getting tough in Austin.  This is why I think this hire is a game changer.  The fact that he is making waves by holding people accountable illustrates how soft this program had become.  Toughness and discipline have been sorely lacking for the Horns.  That wont fly anymore.  Some of these things are small, going to class, no guns, etc.  Others measures are pretty tough.  He is mandating that all underclassmen live on campus.  His hope is to foster greater unity and brotherhood amongst his players.  Its a good move.  If Strong hopes to be successful he has to eliminate the sense of entitlement around that program.  It looks like he is off to a good start.

Weekly List- Top 5 games from the 2013 season
1. The Iron Bowl- The best game I have ever seen.
2. BCS National Title- A thriller of a title game played in this country’s finest venue.  Florida State scores the winning TD with :17 left.  The clock finally struck midnight for Auburn on a truly remarkable season.
3.The Rose Bowl- Always a classic.  The atmosphere in that game is unparallelled.  The play on the field was likewise excellent.  Michigan State wins behind a nasty Defense and Connor Cook’s timely, and accurate, passing.
4. Ohio State @ Michigan- I thought OSU would trounce the woeful Wolverines.  Thats why they play the game.  Michigan mounted a furious comeback late only to come up a failed 2 point conversion short.
5.Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State- The Sooners won this game with chicken wire and duct tape.  Their Offense was dreadful for much of the game.  They got 2 special teams Tds and one big drive at the end.  To me it was obvious that the Pokes had a better team, but Bob Stoops coached circles around Mike Gundy.

A Couple thoughts from around the sports world.

Tomorrow we have a terrific couple of title games in the NFL.  In the NFC San Francisco goes to Seattle for what should be an absolute dog fight.  In this day and age of pro sports its nice to see 2 teams that absolutely despise one another.  You get the feeling the loser of this game will be waiting for the winner in the parking lot.  Awesome.  Give me the 49ers in this one.  They have the mojo working right now.  In the AFC we have the Broncos/Pats matchup most of us wanted.  I can see this one going either way.  I think the Pats are ripe for the picking.  They have been piecing that thing together all year.  Are they really a Super Bowl team?  Denver has been great all year but there is one question.  How will Peyton play?  He has a way of coming up small in big moments.  It seems like he is due for one of those.   It will be a fantastic day of championship games that is for sure.

I watched ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary on the Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan drama from back in 1994.  I found it fascinating.  The documentary does well to make you feel sorry for Harding.  She was a poor girl, from a troubled family, competing in a snobby, elitist environment.  You do feel a fair amount of sympathy for her plight.  Then toward the end this dumb broad starts flapping her gums and any sympathy is gone.  Some of the things she says are just freaking comical. NEWS FLASH- your associates conspired, poorly, to ruin Kerrigan’s chances at an Olympic Gold.  Perhaps you shouldn’t speak on these matters.  Its worth a watch just for the stupid shit she says toward the end.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a terrific week!!

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