Sometimes coaching hires lose their luster after a couple of days.  During that time you think about a variety of factors and perhaps see things in a different light.  That is not the case with Texas’ imminent hire of Charlie Strong.  The more I think about it, the more I think this is a home run hire.  Strong’s background of fast physical defenses will play extremely well in Austin.  Last year Louisville ranked 2nd in points allowed per game with 12.2.  They were also 2nd in sacks and total yards allowed.  Those are eye popping numbers. After watching the Alamo Bowl against Oregon, I am convinced the Horns have the horses on that side of the ball.  They just need some seasoning.  Charlie Strong will immediately turn that defense into a fantastic unit.  The Longhorn Offense is an absolute mess.  That side of the ball will need some work.  I know UT has Johnathan Gray, Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron.  So if I were them I would put a heavy emphasis on the ground game.  These 2 parties are currently dragging their feet on a deal.  Don’t be fooled, a deal is imminent.  Both parties would have to be out of their minds to let this thing fall apart.

Apparently the Al Golden to Penn State isn’t quite so easy.  It seemed that was a sure thing, but now the Miami Athletic Director has come out and said that he expects Golden to return.  I don’t think that means a damn thing, but it does indicate that it isn’t a slam dunk that he takes the job.  Golden is a Penn State alum but sometimes that isn’t attractive to coaches.  Again, I expect both sides to drag their feet for whatever reason and for Golden to be the Nittany Lions head coach next season.  It just makes too much sense for it to not happen.

An interesting nugget I stumbled upon.  It stated that Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson was not happy with the school and hoping they would buy him out.  Johnson has since denied that rumor, but this whole thing stinks.  When was the last time a coach essentially fired the school and negotioted a buyout?  That would be bizzaro world kind of stuff.  Then again that comes from the same program whose starting QB transferred stating “the triple option was never my thing.”  Huh!?  What kind of Offense did you expect Paul Johnson, and Georgia Tech, to run?  Things are whacky there in Atlanta.  I have a feeling something is going to happen there.  If there is smoke….

Stay tuned folks, the Carousel isn’t done spinning, not by a long shot.

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